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Play your mp3's

When you say GO...

After you have made your playlist, press „Playliste abspielen“ („play playlist“). The first title of the selected playlist will now appear.

If you have already inserted lyrics as jpg, pdf, png or txt in iTunes (see p. 07 „transferring mp3s and lyrics“) these, too, will appear.


To play a song, press „Play“. The skip-buttons let you skip back and forth. The volume is altered by the regulator at the bottom right hand side. Scroll to move the lyrics along.

Lyrics across more than one page are eaqually displayed. The remaining time is shown in the middle at the bottom.

To quickly select a title of a playlist, click „Playliste“, select the song you want and confirm your choice with „Wählen“ („select“). There is also a search integrated here.

Don’t worry: if you select and confirm a song while another song is being played you will be asked a security-question, wheather you want to interrupt it.

To activate autoscrolling, click "Einstellungen" ("settings") and activate the atuoscrolling feature. At "Start nach" (start after) you can define a scrolling delay at the beginning of the song.  The new scroll speed regulator appears at the right hand side of the time display. These values are initially valid for all songs.

To adjust the scrolling speed and scrolling delay for each song individually, click on the small symbol left of "Playliste".  Here, individual settings can be made for each song, which are taken into account when loading.

Continue here and set the Playbacks123 MP3 Player to your hearts desire.

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