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September 2017
"Never change a winning team"
For stability reasons please don't update iOS or iTunes.

April 2016

The story goes on! The new PLUS Version is now available in the App Store. Please use the Plus Version on iPads with iOS 9

February 2015

Due to problems in iOS 8.1.2 it may happen, that single menues are displayed wrong. We are working on this issue
December 2nd 2012

Update available...

- Autoscrolling
-Update iOS 6

September 6th 2011

Update available...

- English language
-small bugfixes

August 3rd 2011

Test in "Tastenwelt" 04/2011

"... ideal for entertainers and bands."

" Very useful, the next song is loaded (text + music) just when the song has finished "

" ...with Playbacks123 Player you invest
in the future..."

June 21st  2011

Light Version online!

- supports iTunes Lyrics
- all other features in the full-version!

click here - Appstore
June 7th 2011

First update online!

- Auto-Stop
- Horizontal and vertical view
- supports: pdf, png, jpg, txt + iTunes lyrics
- color swap + font size
- fastforward + rewind in playlistplayer

click here - Appstore


APP Eingangsbild


The Playbacks123 MP3-Player Plus

  Yes, he can!

The PLAYBACK 123 mp3 Player Plus for Apple iPads (iOS 9) plays mp3s and shows the according lyrics at the same time..

This means:
- no more chaos on stage caused by sheet music and lyric-sheets
- no more sensitive harddrives or mp3-players
- one single device for sheets, music and playbacks
- a well-lit and clear display
- consecutive songs loaded automatically
- quick and easy access to all songs

- Autoscrolling



Your sheet music and lyrics (pdf, jpg, png, txt) are transferred from iTunes to the iPad and appear on your display automatically when the accompanying mp3 is played. Alternatively you can also have the iTunes lyrics displayed.

Your playlists (order of songs) are arranged on iTunes or directly with the app "live on stage". You can also edit your playlists while you are on stage. The songs of the playlist are played one by one, in the order you arranged them. At the end of each song the next one is loaded automatically and its title is displayed. You start the mp3 by pressing the play-button („Auto-Stop“). Alternatively, you can let it start automatically after a certain amount of time which can be set between 0 and 40 seconds.
Autoscrolling with individual scrolling speed and scrolling delay for each song.

Ideal for entertainers, all-round entertainers, keyboarders, singers, drummers, bands, guitarists, presenters, DJs, shows, karaoke etc. You will find a precise manual here on this site.

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