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Selection of playlists

The choice is yours ...

After the opening screen you will find yourself directly in the over-view of your mp3-player.
This ensures a well-structured view of the iTunes playlists as well as it enables editing of the playlists.


If you wish to play a song with screen-filling lyrics, simply press „Playliste abspielen“  (see page 05).

You can see all iTunes playlists in the „iTunes Playlist“-box.  itunesplaylist We recommend to compile a playlist in iTunes that includes all songs (for example „all playbacks“). When a playlist has been selected in the left MARGIN you will see ist songs on the right hand side. Scroll and click to select a song. After selecting it, a control pad appears which allows you to play, rewind the song and wind it forward; you can skip songs and alter the volume. When you click on the little white arrow weisserpfeil next to the song’s title, a preview of the lyrics appears.

HINT: if the artist’s name has been inserted in the ID-tag of the mp3, that name will appear bewlo the title. If not, you will see a small grey hyphen instead.

Continue with the button „Eigene Playlisten“ („My own Playlists“)

04  Create your playlists
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