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Create your own playlists 

time to decide...

The button „Eigene Playlists“ eigene Playlist shows you all your playlists.
This view will be empty when you open the app for the first time.

To create a new playlist click onthe „+“ at the top left and enter a name (for example „1st set“). 

eigene Playlisten

By clicking in the „+“ at the top right hand side you can now add songs to the playlist. Select the songs through scrolling and clicking on those you want. You can add songs from other iTunes-lists via „Listen“ („lists“), „Interpreten“ („performers“) and „Mehr“ („more“). Selected songs will turn grey.

If you press „Fertig“ („done“) all selected titles will be added to the playlist.

Use the button „Bearbeiten“ („Edit") (right hand side!) to change the order of the songs or delete them. To move a song to a different position, „grab“ ist right and pull it to the preferred position. To delete a song, click the red symbol on the left and confirm.


Edit and delete whole playlists in the same way. For this, use the left „Bearbeiten-“ („Edit-“) button.

Now your playlist is ready.

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